First dive of 2012 !

Do you fancy the first dive of the year ?
On Sunday 15th January Gerben and Sylvia are ready to hit the waters of Zeeland!
Contact Gerben if you want to join them, or just drop us an email:

RDV at Gerben’s place at 10:00.

Social event Sat 5 November

It’s about time to meet each other at a cosy place. And that place is available……
We invite you for a social at Nicole and Eddy’s place in Zoetermeer on Saturday 5th of November.
We will start from 15.00 hrs and will end around 20.00 hrs.
Eddy and Nicole will offer coffee, tea and dessert. If you would like to come, please bring some snacks and some drinks.
During the evening, we will give you more information about one of the holiday plans for next Spring time: Galicia.
The other plan, a dive trip to Norway in August – September timeframe will be presented in early next year.
Would you please confirm if you would like to come.

Excellent Sunday diving at Kerkweg

An excellent day diving on Sunday 16 October, organised by Gerben, sunny, warm and pleasant!
Monique, Sylvia, Vince, Manuela, Rob and Emma joined!
We spotted many long needle fish, false scorpion fish and the usual lobsters, crabs, shrimps….
The water temperature is quickly dropping, a chilly 14 degrees, the viz was not superb, just need to move from the more dived spots to get it much better.

Pics of the diving at the Gemaal – Sun 2nd Oct 11

Pictures of the lovely day diving on Sunday 2nd Oct at the Gemaal of Dreischor. Sun, warmth and good viz !!

Check here: