Video Gallery

Red Sea Liveaboard, May 2010

Here is the video of our Club trip: a Liveaboard on the “Sea Friend” boat, on the South Route, Elphinstone Reef, The Brothers and Daedalus Reef. We spotted small critters and big stuff ! Hammerheads, silky sharks, oceanic white tips, barracudas, turtles, huge friendly Napoleons…. Overall, nice boat, lovely dives…. a good time 🙂

Diving in the Grevelingen, Kerkeweg

This is an excellent spot, Kerkeweg. The video is from July 2009, the visibility was not really the highlight of the dive (it was a bit of a divers’ soup), but we got to see lots of life, crabs, lobsters and also a couple of little flat fish.

Diving in Vinkeveen

Video from July 2009. Vinkeveen is a cool spot, there are many baars, snoekbaars and a big big pike, who has permanent residence the bus… Other funny objects entertain the divers…. see the video to discover them 🙂

A Sunday in Oostvoornse Meer

August 2009, we had a nice day diving in Oostvoorne. This site is the Archimedes’ end.
It’s quite nice, as it’s rarely crowded and the new artificial reef starts to be populated of life. There is also a track of tires to help you not getting lost….

A dive in Den Osse harbor

This video is from August 2010. Den Osse, in the Grevelingen, is a nice spot, easy entry from the beach and it’s plenty of life. That day there was a toasty temperature of 19 deg throughout the dive !

Diving in Kiel, Baltic Sea

BSAC Weekend, September 2009. Almost every year, at the NATO Base in Kiel is organised a BSAC weekend, where many divers from the BSAC North Europe Branches gather for fun dives on wrecks of the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately this year we could not reach the wreck Sten Trans due to bad weather, but we dove on a couple of good spots anyway.

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