Pictures Gallery

Here you can find some pictures and links to albums of our activities: diving and training in The Netherlands as well as our trips oversea.

Training Weekend in Oostvoornse Meer, April 2011: 

Excellent weekend in Oostvoornse Meer for the students, from Ocean Divers to Dive Leaders trainees  have been well progressing in the two days event.

Training Weekend OVM 2011
Training Weekend – Nitrox drills

 North Sea Wrecks expedition, September 2008:

On board of an old fishermen boat, refurbished as diving charter, we dived onto two wrecks in the North Sea, off the coast of The Hague.

north see crab
North Sea crab

BSAC Weekend, Kiel (D), September 2008:

Almost every year, at the NATO Base in Kiel is organised a BSAC weekend, where many divers from the BSAC North Europe Branches gather for fun dives on wrecks of the Baltic Sea. The Sten Trans wreck, already in Danish waters, is one of the highlight of the weekend !

Sea star
Sea star on the Sten Trans

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