Excellent Sunday diving at Kerkweg

An excellent day diving on Sunday 16 October, organised by Gerben, sunny, warm and pleasant!
Monique, Sylvia, Vince, Manuela, Rob and Emma joined!
We spotted many long needle fish, false scorpion fish and the usual lobsters, crabs, shrimps….
The water temperature is quickly dropping, a chilly 14 degrees, the viz was not superb, just need to move from the more dived spots to get it much better.

Bubbles in Vinkeveen, Wednesday 20th July

This Wednesday evening, 20th of July, do you fancy some bubbles in Vinkeveen ? Contact David, he’s the DM ! Already Sylvia and Jorgen are in !

Diving Saturday 16th July

If you want to have a nice day diving on Saturday 16th of July, contact Jorgen, he’s the DM for the day.

The plan is a first dive in Zoutersbout – Oosterschelde: Low tide in Oosterschelde is at around 11:15. To be in good time for water entry we’ll need to start relatively early at around 08:00-08:15.

If you need to fill the tanks beforehand, you can go to the Duikcentrum Waterworld in Nieuwekerk.

After the dive, we’ll go to the cafe restaurant Storm in Bruinisse. If it hasn’t started raining by the time we’re up and had a quick lunch we hope to a second dive.

Dive site2, Het Gemaal van Dreischor – Grevelingen: Grevelingen has little to no tide influence so no worries for the timing.

Diving in the Grevelingen, Kerkeweg

This is an excellent spot, Kerkeweg.
The video is from July 2009, the visibility was not really the highlight of the dive (it was a bit of a divers’ soup), but we got to see lots of life, crabs, lobsters and also a couple of little flat fish.

A Sunday in Oostvoornse Meer

August 2009, we had a nice day diving in Oostvoorne. This site is the Archimedes’ end.
It’s quite nice, as it’s rarely crowded and the new artificial reef starts to be populated of life. There is also a track of tires to help you not getting lost….